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Bridgestone to Showcase Vision for Sustainable Mobility at CES 2023 – PR Newswire

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  • Bridgestone to demonstrate its vision for sustainable mobility through the enablement of material circularity, product performance, and on-demand services for personal and fleet mobility.
  • The company’s presence at CES® 1 2023 is centered around three key themes: renewable natural rubber plus tire recycling, “Smart Corner” digitally connected tires and air springs for EVs, and a digital concierge experience with regard to personal plus fleet vehicle management.
  • DE TELLES 2023 is the first time Bridgestone will showcase its vision regarding the full product life cycle—from manufacturing to ownership to end-of-life material circularity—as a demonstration of the Bridgestone E8 Commitment to becoming a Sustainable Solutions Company .

LAS VEGAS , Dec. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —  Bridgestone   will showcase the comprehensive eyesight for lasting mobility at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas from January 5-8 . The particular company’s existence at CES 2023 will be centered a couple of key styles:

  • Renewable natural rubber and tire recycling: Guayule is a domestically sourced organic rubber that is derived from desert shrubs in the arid regions of the particular U. S. and Mexico , plus Bridgestone is usually co-developing wheel recycling technologies as part of its EVERTIRE INITIATIVE.
  • “Smart Corner” digitally connected tires and air springs intended for EVs: Vehicle performance, effectiveness, safety and comfort are enhanced via sensor-enabled wheels and air flow springs.
  • Digital assistant for individual and navy vehicle management: Vehicle owners and operators are empowered with online, concierge-style automobile management tools to service their vehicles on their terms.

The delivery of sustainable mobility requires each stage associated with the car tire and rubber product’s life—from manufacturing plus ownership to maintenance and end-of-life materials circularity—to consider the most responsible processes plus tools for each step. At CES, Bridgestone will show its vision of end-to-end tire possession and vehicle management experience with the ultimate goal of carbon-neutral transportation in the future.

Making a More Sustainable Tire

Bridgestone has committed to the target of increasing the use of recycled and renewable materials in order to 40 percent of the resources by 2030 and achieving the goal associated with using 100 percent environmentally friendly materials simply by 2050. In CES, the company will showcase several key elements of its aim for a sustainable plus circular tire economy.

A renewable alternative source of natural rubber, guayule , produces natural rubberized with properties equal to that produced from hevea. Guayule is definitely a desert shrub native to arid regions of the U. S. and Mexico plus requires 40% less water than crops such as alfalfa and cotton, grown today in the American southwest. The particular company has invested more than $100 million in the particular development and commercialization associated with guayule-derived organic rubber plus currently operates a 281-acre research farm, a bio-processing pilot plant and several grower partnerships with local farmers and Native American tribes. Bridgestone can be working to educate local growers on climate-smart farming techniques and irrigation to help them adapt to the current hardships caused by the environmental changes, with the aim of planting more than 25, 000 acres of guayule before the end of the particular decade.

In early 2022, Bridgestone announced its EVERTIRE INTIATIVE focused on the recycling where possible of auto tires at the end associated with their useful life to create new tires. Through this global effort, the company is working with partners within the co-development of tire recycling systems. One example of this may be the bioprocessing associated with end-of-life tires through the fermentation process . The materials resulting from this process are fit to get re-use within the production of brand new tires.

Enabling the particular Autonomous and Electric Future

The particular Bridgestone Smart Corner solution is a demonstration from the ability in order to enhance the performance, comfort plus efficiency of electric and autonomous automobiles, while maximizing the lifespan of wheels and air springs.

The solution combines premium Bridgestone tires plus Firestone Airide (previously Firestone Industrial Products) air suspension springs that are usually engineered specifically for electric and autonomous vehicle applications. The Wise Corner solution uses embedded, cloud-connected sensors in both the tires and air suspension systems, enabling Bridgestone to deliver real-time and predictive insights that will elevate safety, efficiency plus productivity. The particular Bridgestone ENLITEN EV Concept Tire is certainly constructed associated with new materials that are both renewable and energy-efficient, reducing rolling resistance to increase battery range while meeting the demands for higher loads plus wear level of resistance associated along with EVs.

The ENLITEN EV Concept Tire is paired with Firestone Airide Idea EV Air Springs, designed as part of the integrated corner system tire to optimize performance and ride quality. This digitally linked air spring will adapt to dynamic loads and enable active suspension systems to further isolate noise, vibration and harshness, while increasing safety plus efficiency without compromise in order to ride comfort. The air springtime also enables proactive automobile ride-height adjustment to maximize aerodynamic efficiency, improve user accessibility and protection of underfloor components in urban and off-road environments.

Both the ENLITEN EV Concept Tire plus the Firestone Airide Idea EV Air flow Spring feature integrated detectors that collect air pressure, temperature and accelerometer data that, when combined with Bridgestone’s proprietary data analytics technology, can inform indigenous vehicle techniques with current estimations of corner loading, road surface conditions plus the overall performance capabilities of the tire and spring. These digitally enabled insights drive awareness plus action to increase safety within electric and autonomous vehicles, while enabling Bridgestone flexibility solutions to anticipate vehicle needs plus connect customers directly to solutions that boost productivity and convenience, extend product life, plus deliver improved sustainability pertaining to the zero-emission, carbon-neutral future of mobility.

Empowering the Automobile Owner

Proactive maintenance is key in order to ensuring the vehicle health, longevity, optimal efficiency, and efficiency of the vehicle. Bridgestone Fleet Care combines data-connected tires along with on-board automobile systems to automate or empower proprietors with vehicle care. Whether it’s a single personal car or a full fast of last-mile delivery vans, the fleet care answer integrates seamlessly into automobile systems in order to gather information for routine maintenance, support needs, wheel wear predictions, and more into a single on the internet experience.

The particular data is interpreted to show the status of every vehicle’s needs in advance and can provide service options to resolve those needs using the push of a button. The navy care answer is connected to a network of company-owned, independent, plus mobile service providers and allows the vehicle owner to choose which services in order to conduct on the terms. Digital payment will be equally easy, and all services can be reconciled through the single payment option or even the enrollment in a vehicle maintenance subscription services.

This platform empowers fleets to be a lot more productive, operate more efficiently and economical, plus Bridgestone aims to bring this same level of premium, personalized value and assistance to the particular family fast and the fleet of one. Bridgestone is delivering a new customer experience by means of solutions that help make the vehicles and fleets we depend on run more efficient whilst keeping us on our journey.

The Bridgestone Sustainable Flexibility Vision supports Bridgestone’s E8 Commitment that will consists of 8 Bridgestone-like values starting with the particular letter “E” (Energy, Ecology, Efficiency, Extension, Economy, Emotion, Ease, plus Empowerment) to realize the sustainable society.

Bridgestone will be on display in Booth 5867 in West Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center. DE TELLES 2023 media days are Jan. 3-4, 2023 , and public days are usually Jan. 5-8, 2023 . For more information, go to .

About Bridgestone Americas, Inc.:

Nashville, Tennessee -based Bridgestone Americas, Inc. is a subsidiary associated with Bridgestone Corporation, a global leader providing eco friendly mobility and advanced solutions. Bridgestone Americas develops, manufactures and markets a diverse portfolio of original equipment plus replacement auto tires, tire-centric options, mobility solutions, and other rubber-associated and diversified products that deliver social value and customer worth. Guided simply by its worldwide corporate sociable responsibility commitment, Our Way to Serve, Bridgestone is usually dedicated in order to shaping the sustainable future of flexibility and improving the way people move, live, work plus play.

About Firestone Airide, a division associated with Firestone Industrial Products Organization, LLC:

Firestone Airide, headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee , has over 80 years of experience designing and manufacturing air spring suspensions and related products, eliminating vibration across the automotive, heavy duty and off highway segments. The company has quality-certified manufacturing/assembly plants and technical centers in North America , Latin America , Europe and Asia . Firestone Industrial Products, LLC is a subsidiary associated with Bridgestone Americas, Inc.

one CES® is the registered trademark from the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®     

SOURCE Bridgestone Americas, Incorporation.

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