September 27, 2023

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Classic Car Owners Look for Tires That Match Their Driving Habits – Tire Review

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Summer is long gone for a lot of us in the East and Midwest, and we still have nearly four months of winter left! I know that stinks, but now is the perfect opportunity with regard to your customers to do some work on their vintage vehicles. It’s not like conditions are good enough to drive that classic around right now in a few states, so why not upgrade them with several tires before the next riding season?


In this video from the Tire Review Continental Wheel Garage Studio , all of us discuss how to recommend the best tires to your classic vehicle owners.

Definitions of “ classic cars ” can vary. Consider it to be an older automobile that is historically interesting and worthy of restoration, preservation and care.

You need to make sure you know how to recommend the very best tires regarding vintage vehicle owners. This requires a deeper level associated with understanding about the customer, their interests and how they plan to use the vehicle.

If they only plan to use this occasionally during good weather spouts, it may be a good idea to recommend some authentic bias-ply reproduction tires that will match the original equipment of the vehicle. However , say they plan in order to drive their vehicle regularly, it would be smart to suggest some modern radial tires.


Deciding between the vintage bias-ply tires or modern radial ones is a tough and inevitable decision many classic car owners have to make – but you can at least help all of them make the particular right one. Some experts say that if a customer’s traditional car requires the same tire as the original equipment, then they’re going to want to use the vintage tire manufacturer to purchase them. However, if they have options and can fit a vintage-looking, but modern radial tire, they have other alternatives.

If your customers have the option to choose between bias-ply or even radial yet can’t decide, try explaining the differences among them. Bias-ply tires may look cool and classic, but customers who want to drive their classic cars a lot should probably go with a modern radial tire since those wheels focus more on performance and handling.


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