September 27, 2023

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Offering Perks with Tire Purchases – Tire Review

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It’s often tricky when you buy online because you don’t know what services will come along with a tire sale.


In this Wheel Review Continental Tire Garage Studio video, we discuss the services that independent tire dealers have told us they include in a tire sale, so you can get some ideas about what you can offer your customers.

Obviously when a person sell the set of tires at your tire shop, mounting all four new tires onto the customer’s wheels, balancing them and installing them on the car is included. I mean duh…but what about everything else that goes into installing wheels on a vehicle safely? Instead of offering these things as “optional” or separately, it might be a good idea for your shop to bundle these solutions into one big customer wheel care package. When your customer sees that will your shop is charging for providers that lead to their car’s longevity and safety, chances are they will return, since you have their back.


In this “bundle, ” or whatever you’d like to call it, I’m talking about services like wheel alignment, an inspection of brakes, shocks plus struts and full TPMS service. These are all safety measures and preventative maintenance that lead to a quality ride for customers plus a positive experience with your store. Not only will offering these services will certainly put more money in your pocket, but explaining them in order to the customer and why they’re important may set you apart from your own competitors.

In addition , consider providing other perks as part of the tire purchase that lasts the lifetime of your customer’s tire investment. Figure out how you want to charge your customers for all of them or offer them as a courtesy for doing business with you. Some of those services include:


  • Free lifetime tire repairs;
  • Free life time re-balancing plus alignment checks;
  • Free car tire rotations;
  • Free air pressure checks;
  • And discounts upon other services like oil changes for doing business with your tire shop.

Communicate with your customers the difference between buying their tires from you versus competitors and you’ll win repeat company.

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