March 21, 2023

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Our View: Stay smarter than the technology – Tire Business

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In improv comedy, the general rule is whatever your partner says, you should respond: “Yes, and…, ” to keep the conversation going.

This is true for automotive repair and tire service shops as well. Tire dealers don’t generally turn work down — it’s bad for business. If a customer has a service request, they are going to take care of it: “Yes, plus…. ”

Accordingly, if demand grows for a certain service, shop owners are usually going in order to invest in new tools in addition to training. The same is true for electric vehicles (EVs ) , as it is for all “intelligent” tires and accessories that are appearing in some fashion on fresh cars and even coming to be able to your service shop sooner than later.

Automotive aftermarket sales are usually predicted to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 1. 7% until they reach about $520 billion by 2045, according for you to a new study commissioned by the Auto Care Association (ACA) and the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Organization (AASA).

The particular service demand that will see a significant rise will be for EVs.

Repair shops need to help start to invest in the future, Carlos Thimann, a PwC Strategy& partner, told attendees at the 2022 AAPEX in Las Vegas, “not only within tools together with equipment but training technicians to make sure they have the ability to support the EVs. ”

In the U. S., auto services shops have started investing in upgrading their tools and additionally capabilities inside states mandating sales associated with zero-emission automobiles. About 40% of automotive aftermarket service providers have started purchasing EV capabilities, with larger stores leading the way, according to the particular report.

A change to EVs isn’t going in order to be a flick of a switch. It will be gradual. A wise store owner would pay attention, though, because knowledge is power. Having your sales staff and professionals on top of typically the latest assistance repair requests is key to creating the better educated customer. Think of it as putting on your facemask before helping others.

For shop owners, the hardest part of the tire and auto industry’s technological evolutio n is going to be at the point of sale — helping customers understand how their vehicle works.

How many times a week does a customer who is buying a new set of tires inquire, “What’s this TPMS here upon the estimate? ” We bet it’s enough times that most managers not to mention salespeople have a quick and educational explanation to make a quick purchase (for a necessary part and service).

One wheel dealer informed us he often sells two front tires to go along with an oil change about luxury cars that require an oil change every 7, 000-10, 000 miles. He said customers just don’t understand that you need to get your tires rotated more often.

A vehicle’s overall performance is only as good as its owner, and a key to adjusting to the new normals of automotive repair plus tire service is knowing your stuff so well you can empower your customer. Empowered customers will keep coming back and invest in their vehicles through you.

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