March 21, 2023

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Protecting your car from road treatment chemicals – Spectrum News 1

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NEWPORT, Ky. — Northern Kentuckians woke up to some snow accumulation Sunday morning. Crews were out on state and local roadways working to treat roads for commuters. Car experts warn people to make sure they’re staying on top of their vehicle maintenance this winter in order to make sure chemicals from road treatments don’t eat up your car. Experts said not taking care of your vehicle in the wintertime could make it easier with regard to these chemical substances to damage paint, cause rust and damage other areas on the bottom associated with your car over time.

What You Need To Know

  •   Kentuckians woke up to snow Sunday early morning
  • Crews had been out treating and plowing the roads throughout the commonwealth 
  •   Car experts stress in order to keep up with automobile maintenace during the witnertime
  • They say not doing so could lead to chemicals tearing up the particular bottom of your vehicle

“It could create issues where the tires start vibrating really bad plus if you don’t get that taken care of then this can result in more tire harm. It could be a lot more of a snowball effect if a person don’t actually take care of it, ” Anthony Garrett, retail sales associate at Firestone Complete Auto Care, stated.

AAA reports   it’s important to keep upward with your vehicle during these colder months. They suggest making sure you’ve got the kit and blankets in your car in case you are stuck. They also suggest not leaving without half a tank associated with gas at least.

Garrett mentioned colder weeks also impact tire pressure and to understand tire pressure may be lower when dealing with temperature changes.

He also suggested cleaning your car or hitting up the carwash a few time during the wintertime to remove those chemicals.

“It really depends upon the person. Some like getting their car washed a lot, some obtain it a couple times throughout the winter, or after winter. It just depends who you’re coping with. But ideally you want to do it at least two or three times, ” he said.

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