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Sun Auto Tire & Service Announces New Acquisitions – Ratchet+Wrench

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Oct. 20, 2022—Sun Auto Tire & Service, Inc. has announced recent acquisitions in Minnesota, Arizona and California. 

According to a press release, Sun Auto & Tire Service has acquired TGK Automotive Specialists and Toscalito Tire & Automotive. The acquisition of TGK included 24 stores and 183 bays, based mostly in Minnesota with one location in Arizona. There are 237 employees from the TGK brand joining Sun Auto. The Toscalito Tire & Automotive acquisition included five locations and 33 bays overall. The brand is based in California. 

These acquisitions are numbers five and and six for Sun Auto in 2022. 

“We’re excited to be expanding the Sun Auto family of brands with our first locations in Minnesota while continuing to grow our existing presence in Arizona and California,” said Vice President of Development Chris Garman via the press release. “The TGK Automotive Specialists and Toscalito Tire & Automotive brands have been serving their communities and providing the highest quality of service for years which we will maintain throughout this transition and onward.”

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