September 27, 2023

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What are Commercial Tire Expectations in 2023? – Tire Review

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This year has been one to catch our collective tire-dealing breath after two years of weirdness that has led to long stretches of fewer Vehicle Miles Traveled . This past 12 months seemed to bring us back to a bit of much-welcomed normalcy, replacing Instagram videos associated with bread making with Celine Dion lip-syncing TikTok challenges.


But more importantly, simultaneous to this reprieve it has been more of a whirling dervish associated with tire-related activity, an opportunity to really make a sprint for sales. With VMT now returning to normal expected levels, people are on the move again, buying tires and making vehicle repairs like it’s going out of style while they hold on to their beaters for just one more year and wait for used vehicle prices to return in order to Earth.

But commuters aren’t the only ones back on the roads with a rubber-burning desire for tires. The commercial sector, too, is making its way across the country 24/7 – in fact , these vehicles never left, even throughout the worst of the pandemic – and data tells us that 2023 can be expected to be the great yr to be selling commercial wheels.


Now, yes, we’re all expecting an economic recession on the horizon, but that doesn’t seem to be affecting OEMs plus their plans to rebuild their inventories to offset the consumer impact of 2020. Because of this, the particular replacement commercial tire market shows signs of having a great season in 2023. As truck order backfills are addressed, fleets will arm themselves with trucks featuring the latest and greatest technology. When it comes to tires, this means TPMS systems becoming a lot more widely available and more fuel-efficient designs helping to cut fuel costs.

Commercial fleets care an awful lot about saving at the fuel pump and maximizing uptime. Tires are a fantastic way to accomplish both of these. A recent report by researchers at MarketsandMarkets shows us all that over $25 billion in fleet management service sales in 2022 – which tires are a part of – will see a meteoric rise in order to $52 billion dollars by 2027.


Fleet owners are usually focusing on improving employee safety, maximizing operational and economic performance plus reducing CO2 emissions as well because improving the performance associated with these aging vehicles with a new set of tires can help uptime on a day-to-day basis and increase operational lifespan.

What about EVs? We looked at consumer EVs last month, yet what do commercial EVs mean for tires?

There are many fleets out there that are at the particular very least interested in hearing what electrification can do with regard to them, especially in last-mile delivery applications, and most particularly with light- and medium-duty automobiles. What does this mean for you? As continues to be proven time and again, the instantaneous torque of electric motors, combined with the particular extra weight associated with the batteries on these vehicles, will certainly wear wheels faster than they do on traditional internal combustion engine vehicles.

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And here’s 1 more information point to consider: According to a recent study by The Boston Consulting Group , it is predicted that by the calendar year 2030, just under 50% of all vehicles sold in the United States will be electric or hybrid automobiles. If you’re upon the fence as in order to whether you want to begin to cater to these types of vehicles, keep this in mind, and at the very least, a person might find it advantageous to begin stocking EV tires for these fleets that need to prioritize safety, rolling resistance plus performance on their EVs.

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